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  • Sunday School 10:00 am
    Worship            11:00 am


  • Parents, we have a special worship time just for children
  • Children's worship 11:30 am
    • Children’s worship is in full swing!  This is a special time for our children to worship as a group in their special place during the adult worship time.  Praise and worship, Bible stories encountered and challenging crafts are all explored. All materials and instructions are provided. . A list of those teaching each week are in our bulletin.  
  • NOTE: We have a nursery available for babies & toddlers (up to age 3)

Bible Study

  • Sunday at 10:00 am
  • Monday Men's Breakfast Bible Study 8:30 am Cracker Barrel
  • Wednesday 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday evening 6:30 pm Youth Adventure 


Corinth Baptist Church

1910 Camden Rd.
Vance, SC 29163
(803) 496-5110
Rev. Dan Johnson







Sunday School 10:00 AM

Worship Service 11:00 AM



WEDNESDAY No Choir Practice the rest of July

Youth Adventure 6:30 PM

Adult Prayer & Bible Study 7:00 PM





The history of Corinth Baptist Church goes back to 1856 when its first building

was built and dedicated as a branch of Antioch Church


Corinth Baptist Church officially organized and adopted a covenant on September 20, 1868

The total membership in 1868 was 55. Since its beginning, Corinth has experienced growth and expansion. Both First Baptist Church of Holly Hill and Eutawville Baptist Church have their roots sprouted from Corinth Baptist Church.




In addition to our Wednesday night meetings, the youth group is at World Changers!. Please continue to keep them in your prayers.


Thank you for your support at our Golf Tournament on June 29, 2019. It was a success!


  • See that all necessary baptismal equipment and facilities are available and in order prior to each baptismal service. Make sure the baptismal pool is clean and properly filled and that temperature is at the proper level.

  • Meet the candidates and the appointed time and show them to the dressing rooms. Answer questions that might arise and see to it that each candidate has a robe, handkerchief and towel.

  • Assist the pastor in designating the order of candidates when a number of people are to be baptized. Place name of candidate on tape on left shoulder.

  • Assist the candidates in and out of the baptismal pool and to their dressing room.

  • Appoint one member of the committee to assist the pastor before and after the baptismal service.

  • Arrange for the baptismal garments, towels and other supplies to be washed and prepared for the next baptismal service.


  • Keep aware of conditions of building.

  • Communicate with other members of the committee to see to it that needed projects are completed. If not, make the church aware of the cost.

  • Volunteer to help do the actual work for the project. If not, secure someone else to do it.

  • Attend quarterly meetings of the Building Maintenance Committee to walk through buildings noting where work is needed.


  • The Cemetery Committee in conjunction with the Cemetery & Grounds Fund Trustees are to insure the proper operation and maintenance of the Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery. Quarterly meetings should be held to insure that the cemetery grounds and facilities are being maintained at the highest standards.


  •       The purpose of this special fund is to allow members, former members, and friends of the church to contribute to a fund, the interest from which would be used to provide perpetual care to the grounds and cemetery plots of Corinth Baptist Church.

The administration of the Corinth Baptist Church Cemetery and Grounds Fund will be the responsibility of three trustees.
These trustees will be elected by the church to serve a three year term with one member rotating off each year and one new member to be elected.

  • The trustees of the fund will be responsible for:

  • Receiving and investing and dispersing income from the fund.

  • Securing competent persons to keep the cemetery and grounds in a well kept conditioin.

  • Working closely with the Building Maintenance Committee, the Grounds Committee and the Cemetery Committee which are standing committees of the church.

  • Making a semi-annual financial report to the church.

  • Acknowledging gifts made to the fund.


  • Funding:

  • The goal of the fund is $25,000, the income from which will be used for upkeep of the church grounds and cemetery.

  • Any funds over this amount will be used, at the discretion of the trustees, for needs of the church.

  • The principle is to stay intact.

Change of Guidelines:
These guidelines may be changed or altered as deemed necessary by the elected trustees of the Cemetery and Grounds Funds

  • The duty of the trustees shall be to transact and perform all financial and legal matter as authorized by the church.


  • Obtain orders for Christmas Poinsettias and Easter Lilies from congregation.

  • Place order with nursery at least 6 weeks in advance.

  • Chairman usually goes and picks up plants then turns in collected money to church treasurer who in turn sends check to nursery.

  • Get plants unwraped.

  • Meet on Saturday prior to placement of plants in sanctuary to wrap them.

  • Place live, fresh Christmas wreaths on front doors of sanctuary by the first Sunday of December.

  • Light Christmas candles in windows on the night of the Christmas program.

  • Easter someties includes the Flowering of the Cross. A wooden cross, crown of thorns, etc. is found in the Decorating Committee closet in the sanctuary.


  • Prepare annual budget, presented for approval by church in September of each year.

  • Meet as called by chairman when finance items come up that are not addressed by the budget.

  • Take steps to ensure that sound procedures are used for safeguarding, counting, recording, depositing, disbursing, and reporting church funds.

  • Help folster an attitude of stewardship in the church. This would include encouragement to members to see the church’s financial needs and then enlist their help to meet these needs. Members should also be endouraged by committee members to use the church’s resources wisely by being careful in how they spend the church’s money, to conserve energy and take care of the church’s facilities.


  • Schedule and preside over Finance Committee meetings. Call special meetings as needed.

  • Present budget to the church in August for review.

  • Interact with the church staff and church council in stewarship matters and budget needs.

  • Assume a leadership role and be a key person as the church fulfills its responsibilities to develop Christian stewards.


  • Determine the man power needed to properly maintain grounds.

  • Determine th equipment needed for grounds maintenance.

  • Be sure preventive maintenance is performed on all equipment and repairs to equipment are made by competent persons.

  • Survey the grounds to determain what needs there area and what needs to be done to keep trees, shrubery, lawns, and grounds in good condition (cutting, pruning, spraying, fertilizing, etc.)

  • Prepare a job description for all grounds crew employee.

  • Recomment work schedules.

  • Recomment to the church what and when equipment is needed.

  • Chairperson of the ommitte shall verify that work is done properly.

***CONDOLENCE COMMITTEE (To be combined with Hospitality)

  •             The Condolence Committee functions at the death of a church member. Its purpose is to offer assistance to the family and to provide at least one meal for them.

  • Contact family after death of family member to see how committee may help.

  • Schedule time and place for family meal.

  • Contact church members for meal preparation.

  • Arrange delivery, serving, and clean-up after meal.

  • Keep records of committee activities.

***HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE(To be combined with Condolence)

  • Make arrangements for church-sponsored dining activities including set-up, beverages, serving, and clean-up.

  • Contact church members if additional help is needed at such events.

  • Order all kitchen supplies including plates, paper goods, etc. as needed.

  • Contact Decorating Committee for Social Hall preparation at Easter and Christmas


  • Maintain supply of bread (can be purchased from most Christian Book Stores and kept in freezer) and a good quality grape juice from grocery store. Unused juice can be kept in refrigerator for use next time.

  • Keep track of plates, glasses, glass trays, and table cloths. Replace any equipment as needed and cloths when they become worn.

  • Prepare for observance of the Lord’s Supper:

  • Pour juice in glasses and stack trays.

  • Place wafers on plates.

  • Place cloth on table and place plates and trays.

  • Cover with second cloth.

  • Gather all equipment (plates, glasses, etc.) and cloths after the service. Have cloths cleaned by Cleaners and clean glasses, plates, and trays. Check for equipment condition, replace where needed and place in storage closet next to kitchen.

The Nominating Committee leads in staffing all church-elected positions filled by volunteers including vacancies which occur during the year. Term: 2 years
Select, interview, and enlist hurch program leaders, church committee chairpersons, and general church officers.
Approve volunteer workers before they are invited to serve in church-elected leadership positions.
Assign church leaders according to priority needs.
Present volunteer workers to the church for election.
Nominate special committees as assigned.
Determine the personnel needed for church staff and make recommendations to the church.
Make salary and benefits recommendations to finance committee.
Prepare job description for each job, including work schedules.
Recruit, interview, and recommend prospective employees to church
Develop and recommend to the church, policies, procedures, and job descriptions for employed personnel.
Enlist, train, and schedule operators for all church events that require sound system operators.
Maintain sound system and recourding equipment.
Request and administer budget expenditures.
Inventory and secure equipment after each use.
Review system operation and make recommendations for improvement.
“Let brotherly love continue, be not forgetful to entertain strangers.” Hebrews 13:1-2
     The church usher is often the first representative of Jesus Chrit seen by peole entering God’s house. The attitude that the sher communicates to church members and guests as the gather for worship helps set the spiritual tone for everything else that is to happen.
     As an official representative of the church and of Jesus Christ, the usher has an enormous obligation in helping lead peole into readiness for learning, worshiping, and evangelism. The attitude the sher demonstrates in the foyer of the church is a forerunner of the ministry to be experienced in the auditorium. Hopefully, the usher’s expression of Christianity helps people open their hearts and minds fo rthe worship of God and direction of His Holy Spirit.
The church Nominating Committee shall nominate a chairman of the Ushering Committee to the church. An Assistant Chirman shall be chosen by the Ushering Committee Chairman to serve in his absence.
The Ushering Committee will be composed of men from the church chosen from a roster of all the male membership by the Chairman of the Ushering Committee.
Each man chosen by the Ushering Committee Chairman  shall serve for a one month period.
The Principle function of the Ushering Committee is to be of service to congregational members and guests before, during and after sdrvices and to assist in maintaining a worshipful atomosphere in the church.
Duties of the Ushers will be as follows:
Greet the people both before and after services.
Seat those entering at specified times before and during the service.
Provide information about church services, programs, and facilities.
Distribute church bulletins.
Receive offerings.
Be alert to needs of persons during services.
(Ushering Continued)
Assist as required in restoring the auditorium to physical orderiness.
Chairman of Ushers: The wise choice of a chairman of the church Ushering Committee is the secret of ushering success. If the chairman of ushers is a man of God, dedicated to his task, posessing qualities of leadership, and in full sympathy with the pastor and the program of the church those he leads will also develop these qualities. He must believe in detailed planning and competent training. A close co-worker with the pastor, he should anticipate the needs of the pastor and the congregation.
The Ushering Committee Chairman is responsible for securing ushers at funerals, revivals, and other special services of the church.
Work with the Pastor and/or Youth Director in planning youth activites.
Ensure that activities planned do the following:
Honors God.
Is in harmony with the church’s purpose.
Seeks to involve youth in all church programs, i.e. Sunday School, worship services, et
Is used t reach church youth that are inactive.
Is an outreach tool for unchurched youth.
Be cnsiderate of cost to the church when planning activities, stay within the budget if possible.
Meet with and coordinate with youth’s parents when planning fund raisers and when planning trips that involve out of pocket expenses.
Be available to chaperone and/or assist with youth activities.





Pastor Dan Johnson


    Rev Dan Johnson

Dan was born and raised in North Charleston, SC. He graduated from the College of Charleston in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Secondary Education. Dan graduated from Temple Baptist Theological Seminary in 1983 with a Master of Divinity in Theology.

He and his wife, Pam, were married on August 7, 1982. They have two children. Their son, Tim, and his wife, Ashley, live in Washington DC. Their daughter, Katelyn, is attending Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. They have lived in Chattanooga TN, Proctorville, OH, Gainesville and Middleburg, FL, North Charleston and Summerville, SC.

Dan and Pam are emeritus missionaries from the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. They served from 1996-2015 in East Africa. While on the mission field they lived in Arusha, Ifakara, Dar Es Salaam, Morogoro, and Moshi Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya.





Corinth Baptist Church is a member of the Screven Baptist Association and cooperates with other Southern Baptist Churches through the South Carolina Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and be His witnesses in our Jerusalem (the communities around Corinth Baptist Church), in our Judea (South Carolina), in our Samaria (USA), and to the ends of the earth. Our church has chosen our mission emphasis using Acts 1:8 “But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

Our Jerusalem
Holly Hill Academy
Holly Hill Elementary School
The Grace Home

Our Judea
Connie Maxwell Home
Our Samaria
The Broken Wall Project, Nehemiah & Rose, Baltimore, MD

Our End of the Earth
Dr. Meggie Hixson, Pediatrician, Kigoma Hospital, Kigoma, Tanzania

Adults on Mission for both men and women. We chose this organization because we here at Corinth are all on mission for God.
We have a ladies fellowship the last Sunday of each month
We also invite everyone to participate in our mission actions/activities, giving to missions through our various special offerings, learning about missions through our Mission Moments and the mission studies, and to pray for missions and missionaries using the Mission Mosaic magazine or the Open Windows devotional booklet.
We are supporting missions in the United States and in Tanzania, come to Sunday Worship and listen to the weekly Mission Moment update!

Hebron Grace Home
The Hebron Grace Home mission project continues! The call came from HGH that they needed kitchen supplies and food reserves. So, for the whole month of June, our folks and others brought what they could to help out this ministry to women who want have victory over addictions in their lives. On July 14, we loaded one pickup truck, one van, and one SUV with all the items that were donated and delivered them to HGH. They were so appreciative and overwhelmed by our support from us as well as others in the community. The team leaders there kept thanking us and also emphasized that without local community support, they could not continue their mission to these women. We also received a tour of their facilities, were served lunch, heard a testimony of one of the women who had been through the program and was now living free, and even were given some peaches to take home! Thank you all for your support for this ministry in our community that is reaching women from many places!



Our annual deacon selection is this month.  Please look at the enclosed list of eligible people, please pray and ask God for wisdom on who should be chosen, and then select the ones God directs you to select.  The first selection will be August 4, choosing 6 people from the supplied list.  Then the final selection of 3 will be August 18.  Both of these selections times will be after the morning worship time.
How will you serve Jesus at Corinth in 2019 - 2020?  The nominating committee is now accepting volunteers to serve in the different ministry positions.  This is your opportunity to put action to your faith.  Pray about your service and then contact one of the nominating committee members to submit your name for your chosen ministry. The committee responsibility details are posted on our website for your convenience (In the Ministries Section)
What you believe will determine your life's purpose.  Two statements of faith are included this month.  One is from the Corinth Baptist Church Constitution and By-Laws.  The other is the statement of faith from Tennessee Temple University and Seminary that Pam and I attended in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Read these documents and let them help you solidify what you believe and why you believe it.  Then live a life of intentional purpose for Jesus daily!
We are asking for help updating our member directory. You can do this by simply verifying and making any changes to your contact information on the enclosed slip of paper. Then, either return it in the self-addressed envelope by dropping it in the mail or dropping off when you come to church. Thank you!  If you are on our mailing list and would like to join Corinth, please contact us!
Pastor Dan


Corinth Baptist Church   1910 Camden Rd   Vance, SC 29163   (803) 496-5110




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